Urgent Respond Needed Please.

Dear Friend,

I am Suleiman Al Abbas the former Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister of Syria Arab Republic.
I am willing to invest huge resources in your country under your Management/Supervision and I wouldn't want my name to be noticed, you will be the manager as I will not be able to surface for a long period of time due to my present situation.
I have these funds in a bank in Malaysia, all it would take me is to furnish you with prove of ownership and documents that will allow you to have access the resources.

Please note this project would not contradict the law as all prove of legit documentation would be presented by my financial consultant.

More details will be provided once you indicate interest and it will be more appreciated you keep our communication private. All I need from you is your maximum cooperation and honesty.

Please get back to me through my private email address (

Yours truly,
Suleiman Al Abbas
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